Restaurant les Touristes

A bistro serving Valais specialities

Discover our game dishes from 15 September!

New: brisolée cooked over a wood fire, available by reservation from 30 September to 3 December!

A bistro serving home-cooked dishes

The Restaurant les Touristes is Verbier's oldest restaurant. Its manager spent several years working there before taking the reins in 2015, and has preserved the establishment's authentic charm while still managing to add her own personal touch. The menu at this family bistro features dishes that are entirely home-cooked, right down to sauces like the mayonnaise. The bistro is committed to cooking with local and seasonal products. Throughout the year, the chef orders nose-to-tail cuts of veal, beef and pork, primarily from producers and farmers in Verbier (including the Ferme du Peuti and Ferme du Soleil) and builds his menu around this produce using every part of the animal. The Restaurant les Touristes offers elegant dishes in the evening as well as daily specials during the week. All of the cheeses on its menu are sourced from the cheese shop in Verbier village.

The menus at the Restaurant les Touristes

Enjoy homely, generous dishes in a rustic setting. At the heart of our bistro, you'll find a little ‘chalet corner with five tables. Discover our specialities: beef tartare, fondue, raclette and a host of other delicious meals.

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Restaurant les Touristes

Route de Verbier 134

1936 Verbier

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 07:30 - 23:00

Saturday 10:00 - 14:00 18:00 - 23:00

Sunday Closed